Zhejiang Wanma Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanma United Holdings Group. The company is mainly engaged in operation of the whole industry chain of modern agriculture, including base construction, manufacturing, product development, logistics and marketing. With e-commerce as its main marketing tool and offline sales as an auxiliary tool, the company is mainly focusing on sales of nuts and famous agricultural products.

 Lin’an Wanma Yushun Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional agricultural company engaged in organic agricultural cultivation, aquaculture, processing and marketing. Located at Lin'an, which is a national ecological city with the forest coverage rate at 74.9%, the company is about 50 kilometers from Hangzhou and about 30 kilometers from the State Level Scenic Reserve Tianmu Mountain. Therefore, the company is in beautiful surroundings and boasts convenient transportation. With obeying nature and returning to health as corporate philosophy, the company is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality organic products, promoting and recommending organic healthy lifestyle.

 Yushun Basket is an organic vegetable distribution brand of Lin’an Wanma Yushun Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. It brings a new consumption way for people in Lin’an, namely delivering fresh organic vegetables from the planting base directly to residents’ dining tables, removing their troubles from hurrying to vegetable markets and crowded supermarkets. With Yushun Basket, you will have your own private vegetable garden and enjoy convenient and healthy life style as well as delicious food.

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