The trading subsidiary has become a new business growing point for Wanma Group over the past few years. Wanma Trade specializes in non-ferrous metal trading both at home and abroad. The company's business scope includes copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. It adopts an operation mode of combining spot trading and futures trading.

 Wanma Group’s affiliated metal trading companies include Shanghai Jichi Industrial Co., Ltd., Wanma (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.and Metaspark Resources Pte. Ltd. The latter two subsidiaries are Wanma Group's wholly-owned foreign trade and investment platform. Wanma (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., was registered and founded in Hong Kong in July 2004, and Metaspark Resources Pte. Ltd., was incorporated in Singapore in April 2012, with approval from the Ministry of Commerce.

 The company upholds the operational conception of steady development, honest and trustworthy business and active expansion. Focusing on non-ferrous metal and related merchandise trade, the company achieves economies of scale and is dedicated to becoming an authoritative service provider in the non-ferrous trading industry.

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